Dynamic Digital Furniture
Assembly Manuals

Multi-Device Responsive Web Application

A dynamic and responsive SaaS web software solution that makes static furniture assembly instructions come to life digitally to provide a hassle- and error-free after-sale service.


Have you ever attempted to assemble recently purchased furniture? Isn’t that a difficult task? especially considering how difficult the assembly instructions in the manuals look. Physical manuals can be extremely perplexing, leaving you to wonder where each part goes and where all the various nuts and bolts are supposed to go. We worked with our customers to create a tool that digitally activates these instruction manuals. The platform is designed to give users all the knowledge they need to digitally assemble furniture.


Key Feature

SaaS-Based Platform Guide

The platform is built on a SaaS-based architecture that enables furniture manufacturers and suppliers to create interactive digital assembly guides. To provide a consistent customer experience, clients can alter manual templates and user interfaces according to requirements or to match branding.

instruction manual with standing women

An Interactive Instruction Manual

Create interactive digital instructions that make assembling furniture simple and stress-free. Interactive static blueprint manuals with hotspot buttons that can be clicked to get furniture assembly instructions in the form of videos, text, and audio. The manuals also contain comprehensive instructions for assembling each component.

Managing Workflow Effectively

By following a few easy steps, sellers may build practical instruction manuals on the platform in just a few minutes. Assembly instructions’ static instructional text can be dynamically linked to the corresponding video clips.

Complex UI Engineering

We achieved flawless multi-device responsiveness, allowing clickable information hotspots in manuals to be perfectly shown on any device, be it a computer screen, tablet, or mobile, in unison with the furniture design.

Money Transfers & Dynamic Subscription

The SaaS solution has a variety of dynamic subscription models where customers may choose which plan they want and gain extra features and functionalities. For easy payment and subscription, we also integrated the Stripe payment mechanism.

pricing plans
Simple-to-understand directions

Simple-to-understand directions

For simpler and error-free furniture assembly, interactive content options and more dynamic information are provided. To make construction even simpler, users can change the video perspective to a bird’s eye, wide angle, or close-up view. Additionally, instruction manuals detail the time, resources, and labor needed for each assembly.


Technologies We Use



Aequitas Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leading software development company that has successfully converted physical manuals into digital ones to address the pain points that furniture buyers face while assembling their furniture products.