Digital Banking & Fintech App Development

Enter into the world of future finance with banking and finance app development solutions from AIPL. Our pioneering solutions help expand business horizons and better performance through advanced automation technologies.


Banking & Fintech Software Development

Online Banking

Become a part of the new generation of online bankers with state-of-the-art solutions loaded with custom functionalities aimed at making banking convenient and easier for end-users.

• Custom Banking Platform Development
• Online Banking Mobile Applications
• Highly Secure Digital Infrastructure
• Online Banking UI/UX Design
• Seamless Banking System Integration

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Build secure financial infrastructures with Blockchain solutions and platforms from AIPL. Improve efficiency through automated operations and reduced transaction fees.

• ICO Launch & Support
• Cryptocurrency Operations
• Blockchain Development
• Blockchain Identity Management

Digital Wallet

Facilitate a fantastic user experience through one-touch digital transactions with the help of robust digital wallet apps made for the modern customer.

• Peer To Peer Transactions
• Digital Funds Transfer
• Digital Payments Facility
• In-app Wallet Currency

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We offer top-notch Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions that bring efficiency and precision through highly sophisticated automated systems.

• Predictive Systems & Work Automation
• Natural Language Processing
• Data Mining & Analytics
• Bot Design & Development

Trading and Securities

Help smart investors invest in the smart way with the ultimate mobile stock trading app with in-built AI-assisted trading automation and smart contracts built on blockchain.

• Real-Time Portfolios
• Investor Profile
• Visual Analytics Data
• Live Trading & Investing

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Boost your online finance business by automating repetitive, rule-based digital tasks with the help of intelligent RPA solutions tailor-made from AIPL.

• Automated Workflows
• Data Entry Automation
• RPA Document Generation
• Automated Exception Handling


Custom Financial Software Development

Custom FinTech Solutions

  • Leading Software
  • Payment Software
  • Payment Software
  • Enterprise Data Visualization
  • Data Hub Platform

Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Payment
  • Digital Financial Solutions
  • Digital I'D Solutions
A person coding & 3D'ly codding languages like MD, C++, JS, PhP & left side finance symbols

Get Comprehensive Financial Software Development From A Reliable Technology Partner And Transform Your Business Today.

Financial Services

Financial Services & Software Development

FinTech & Healthcare Solutions

• Streamlining Patient Care and Costs
• Management of the Patient Payment System
• Complete Business Transaction Monitoring
• Health Savings Account (HSA) Enrollment Made Easy
• Open Banking Allowing Digital Access to Healthcare Data

FinTech & Insurance Solutions

• Simplified Insurance Processes
• Handling Dynamic Strategic, Operational, & Regulatory Risks
• Automated Insurance Payments
• Credit Scoring Algorithms based Insurance Pricing


Custom Financial Software Development

Come to AIPL for complete cutting-edge and technology-driven financial app development solutions that cater to specific business and industry needs.

Software Project Development Life Cycle

Challenges & Solutions

Our Expertise

Mobile banking most features


The client wanted to create a global mobile banking platform that enables people to open bank accounts, access peer-to-peer banking services, and send money across the world.


The platform incorporates blockchain, biometrics technologies (face and voice recognition), machine learning, and 3-factor authentication.


Finance professionals today navigate diverse markets and promptly react to significant events within the financial landscape. Their role involves facilitating and supporting various financial activities.


Aequitas Infotech successfully developed an application that provides real-time tracking of share prices and financial data. Through push notifications, users are guaranteed timely access to pertinent information. The app features a stock finder, empowering users to curate a personalized watchlist, monitor discussions, and set up alerts to stay informed about price changes.

Person managing Wealth virtually


The online planning tool empowers financial advisors in the United States to craft retirement strategies for their clients, organize savings and investments to navigate current market dynamics, all while addressing clients' immediate, short-term, and long-term objectives.


The online platform empowers advisors to oversee the revision history of plans, effortlessly modify existing plans, track advisors' activity, and ensure the accuracy of plan creation.

Wallet & Payment Tech


The client sought a mobile application for a cryptocurrency wallet, enabling users to seamlessly send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum through a simple shake of their smartphone. The emphasis was on maintaining user anonymity in both the digital and physical realms.


We crafted an application as an integral component of a cutting-edge Mobile P2P proximity payments platform. Our development leverages the latest advancements in blockchain technologies, implemented on a foundation built atop the Bitcoin platform.

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