Social Media Cum eCommerce Platform

Web and mobile apps

A cutting-edge eCommerce store of the future that offers a thrilling and enjoyable user experience by merging entertainment and shopping in a single app.


We had the opportunity to work on a project where we assisted a customer in turning a brilliant vision into reality. By combining reel-based social media platforms and e-commerce websites into one cutting-edge virtual shopping mall, businesses could advertise their goods using reels uploaded by users, the concept was to leverage the strengths of both types of platforms. Consequently, it offers amusement and a satisfying shopping experience in one location.


Key Feature

Monetization Reels

Reel Makers are required to make and publish reels centered around the goods that they are interested in that vendors have featured on the app. One video can feature one or several products, depending on the content creator. For every item sold as a result of their content, Reel Makers receive a commission in the form of in-app currency.

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Orders & Payment in the Appl

Any reel video can be viewed by users, who can add the products to their basket by clicking on the highlighted product icons displayed in the movie. The software then enables users to checkout their shopping and pay for orders directly from the app using a variety of payment options.

Controlling an online store

The platform features an easy-to-manage in-app virtual store with different sellers. With only a few clicks, sellers can quickly add new products, their information, and summaries. Additionally, sellers can control the state of their inventory online by indicating whether a product is currently in stock or not.

Categories & Catalogue

New app users must choose product-based categories, such as their interest in bags, phones, etc. Based on their chosen categories and interests, users will be presented with content and ideas. In addition, catalogs with product listings from various suppliers are available for consumers to explore and buy from. The product listings include sub-variations and sub-models, and they are grouped with related products.

Several user modules

The solution consists of three modules: an admin panel web application, a seller web application, and an end-user mobile application. A new product listing can be approved by the admin panel, and it can also add, remove, or alter existing video and product categories.

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Social Media Account

Like other services, users can build a social networking profile. Users can follow other users using this profile, like their material, and send them a direct message. The user has the option of keeping their profile available to the public or making it private so that only those who have followed them can see it.


Key Feature


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AIPL has successfully developed an e-commerce store that perfectly offers a seamless and highly satisfying user experience to customers. Here, we have used reels to enhance the shopping experience of the users to encourage them to buy from the store.